Understanding How Levitra Tablets Work

If you have been given a prescription to buy brand name or generic Levitra, you should take the time to understand how it works before you begin taking it. When you know what to expect, what to do and what not to do, you greatly increase the chance of success in controlling your ED.

Levitra tablets are generally given to patients who have been diagnosed with mild or even moderate ED with a high level of success, and may even be given for some severe cases with differing results. One of the reasons that this medication is so popular is that it works in as little as 30 minutes and can continue to work for up to 36 hours after you take it. This time range allows you to be more spontaneous with your date or romantic partner instead of feeling pressured to squeeze your sex life into a certain time frame.

Your doctor may start out with a lower dosage for you. If that does not work the way you want it to, he or she may increase the dosage. However, you should never be the one to make the change without your doctor’s permission. You can only take one of the Levitra tablets per day. If you change any of your medications while taking this drug, let your doctor know. It can have interactions with certain medications that are not safe.

Common side effects from taking this medication include:

• Headache

• Muscle aches

• Back pain

• Flushing

• Indigestion

• Stuffy nose or runny nose

If you experience any other symptoms or if these become more uncomfortable, contact your doctor.

Most men only take Levitra when they plan to engage in sexual activity. They may take it once a week, once monthly or even more infrequently than that. This makes it affordable and also prevents you from having drugs in your system unnecessarily.

However, some men do not respond well to this dosage so their doctors may recommend a daily dose instead. Levitra is typically prescribed at a lower dose when taken daily and men should take it at the same time each day. This dosage is designed for them even on days when they don’t plan to be intimate. If the traditional method of taking the medication isn’t working for you, ask your doctor if you may be a candidate for the daily dose.

Follow all instructions that your doctor gives you and that come with your medication. If you have any questions, talk to your medical provider or a pharmacist before you buy Levitra.

Buying prescription medication can be expensive, especially if you are taking a pill every single day. Consider buying through an online pharmacy to help you find cheap Levitra or generic Levitra instead. These lower-cost but effective alternatives can make taking your ED medication much more affordable.

Understand how Levitra works and what to expect when you take it. This helps you be prepared and know when you have options. Levitra is designed to help you enjoy a normal life in spite of having ED. Work with your doctor on a treatment plan that benefits you.